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In order to have mUzima mobile work with OpenMRSTM specific modules have been developed with various functionalities.

These modules adds links to the OpenMRS homepage where you can click to access the module:

  1. Muzima-core Module:

    This is the core module for mUzima. The module:
    1. Manages mUzima data sources
    2. Allows for management of mUzima forms within an OpenMRS instance.
    3. Receives payloads from mUzima mobile clients
    4. Processes the payloads using different data handlers
    5. Manages Error Queue for all payload data that did not successfully process to OpenMRS
    6. Expanded cohort management (Dynamic cohorts)
  2. Muzima Teleconsultation:

    1. Receives tele-consultation payloads and processes them to OpenMRS

    2. Manages tele-consultation notification

  3. Muzima Biometrics:
    Adds finger printing technology to mUzima space.

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