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This module contains the server side related code and required resources which will enable it to run smoothly. There are a few things which are needed before we proceed on how to install the Server Side Application.

  1. A working instance of GIT environment

  2. A working instance of maven.

  3. A working instance of Java Developer Kit( JDK 7+) with java home set in environment variables

  4. Server instance provision, preferably Tomcat Server.

  5. A working instance of MYSQL database.

  6. A working instance of OpenMRS which is dependent on iii, iv and v above

Once you have the five prerequisites, we are good to go on how to install the application on the server. The following steps are to be followed in the order they are listed:



  • Enter the directory that you just cloned by the following command

    cd openmrs-module-muzimabiometrics

  • Run the command below to generate an OMOD that you will install as a module on openMRS. It might take some time if it is your first time running it depending on the strength and speed of your internet connection

    mvn clean package

  • The above command will create a OpenMRS module (omod) file inside the omod/target folder named muzimabiometrics-#.#.#.omod. This is the file that will be uploaded to the OpenMRS instance.


  • Login as OpenMRS administrator

  • Click on Administration

  • Under modules click on manage module.

  • In the loaded page select Add or Upgrade button. Then:-

  • Use Add Module section if it is the first time the module is being uploaded

  • Use Upgrade an Existing module if the biometrics module was previously installed.

  • Browse and locate the omod in the omod/target folder, select it and upload.

  • Once successfully uploaded additional link “Fingerprint” will be added to the main navigation.

NB: If you are running a fresh copy of OpenMRS you need the following modules installed before mUzima Biometrics Module

  1. ID generation module

  2. Rest web services module

  3. XForms module

  4. Reporting compatibility module

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