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mUzima suite of applications is built in a modular architecture. This modular approach lends mUzima the strength of simplicity while ensuring full functionalities of installed modules. The mUzima mobile is a stacked framework utilizing Lucene as a data repository based on a robust and flexible data model. The mUzima mobile API exposes the underlying Lucene repository to a robust front-end (mUzima Android) while hiding he complexity of the underlying repository to the developer. This layer can be easily used to expose the mUzima data model to any system integrating with mUzima.

Currently mUzima is fully integrated with OpenMRS™ Electronic Health Record System. Several modules have been developed to enable this integration.

As a framework, muzima utilizes a number of open source projects and libraries:

--> Apache Lucene - the encrypted database of the app

--> JavaScript Object Notation (Json) - data-interchange format

--> Google Guice - Dependency Injection library


--> JavaScript - Scripting Language for the app

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  1. was hoping to see springCloud/springBoot/SpringFramework in the tech suite... (sad)