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This module adds a special feature to mUzima to allow for consultations between providers who are in the field with peers or senior consultants normally in a facility. The in-field providers fill in a special form (with discriminator consultation) and submit to OpenMRS. Upon processing of the form on the server side, a consultation is generated to the selected consultant. The consultant can then review and reply to the consultation effectively sending a message back to the consulting provider.



The tele-consultation module allows the user to reply to a consultation or compose a new one in a very simple UI

Consultations can also be sent to a role e.g. {All prociders with role 'Pediatrician'}

What if I want to contribute to its development?

  1. Visit our Developers Guide to get more information on developing within and around mUzima.
  2. Check out the code from mUzima Github
  3. Write code and commit (smile)
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