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Android Device running OS version of 4.4 (Kitkat) to version Android 10.
Alternatively, you may use an android emulator in absence of a physical android device.

mUzima has been tested and guaranteed to work efficiently on android devices running android version 4.4 (Kitkat) and above.


Presently, mUzima can be installed to a device using three methods.

Method 1
Installation on a device through Google Play Store

(This is the safest and recommended installation method)

  1. Locate and open Google play store on your android device.
  2. Click on the search box and type mUzima.
  3. You should see the mUzima app among the search results.
  4. Select the app and click install.
  5. Accept the dialog that may pop up and click install.
  6. The mUzima app should now be installed on you device. Congratulations.

Method 2
Installation on a device through Google Drive or Dropbox

  1. On your android device, locate setting in the menu.
  2. Navigate to security, scroll down to where you have unknown sources and make sure it’s checked.
     (This allows you to install apps to your device from other sources other than Google play store)
  3. Download mUzima APK 2.7.5 from google drive or dropbox.
  4. Go to your file manager, locate the file just downloaded and touch on it.
  5. Accept the security warning and click on install.
  6. The mUzima app should now be installed on your device. Congratulations.

Method 3
Installation on an Android Debug Bridge (adb) .

This is a slightly advance method and recommended only for experienced users.

  1. Download mUzima APK 2.7.5 through  google drive or dropbox

  2. If you used a Unix based operating system(Linux, Mac Os) in your PC, locate the Terminal application in the application menu. If you use Windows Operating system, locate the CMD (Command prompt) application in the applications menu.

    Note: The Terminal/Command prompt can be accessed using the following shortcut
    On Unix based PC: Ctrl + alt + T (or use distro specific method)
    On Windows PC: Click start and type CMD and press enter.

  3. Navigate to the directory the mUzima application was downloaded to (Usually the downloads folder) using the CD command.

  4. Enter the command ./adb install filename.apk into the terminal, where filename is the name of the mUzima app you downloaded.

  5. The mUzima app should now be installed on your device. Congratulations.