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mUzima is not just a software. Its an open-source community driven by the desire to better healthcare thus saving lives.

mUzima: The m stands for mobile while uzima is Swahili for life. You do not need to be a developer, an implementer or even an IT expert to be involved; there are several ways to be involved with mUzima:

Contribute Code:


mUzima is developed and maintained by an open source community. We depend on your help to write code that saves lives. You do not need to spend extended time, a few hours to fix a bug, add a feature or solve a ticket is what we need; but if you spend more time you are more that welcome.


Whether you are a developer or not, you can assist in testing our code. There is no perfect code and only through extensive testing can we develop a system that meets our needs.



If you can write technical documentation for software system, this is where your are needed. We need to maintain up to date manuals and documents for both  developers, implementors and users.

Be an ambassador:

Join The Community

The mUzima Community is a rich community where we discuss technologies, exchange idea that help build solutions for challenges facing the healthcare industry especially in low resource areas. Its a great place to share experience and skills as well as learn new skills and ideas.

Speak For mUzima

You can be the ambassador we have been looking for. Whether on social media, print or any other form of information sharing, let more people know about mUzima and what we are doing to save lives. Tell it to your friends and encourage them to join

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