New mUzima Help Feature

There are more ways you can get help how to do this and that in mUzima App: there are visual and audiovisual help contents.

Now, there is a new way how you can ask help: you can ask help or report a problem (if something doesn't work) via the new help dialog.

For opening the help page, you need to tap on the 'Asking Help' option on the option menu.

Now, you can choose the related topic (or choose 'Other') and then you can write your message.

You can describe the problem with giving some pieces of information, like these:

 If you are ready to send the message, click on the "Send" button. (You can withdraw your message with tapping on the 'Cancel' button.)

After clicking on the 'Send' button, the application tries to open an email client. For example if a gmail account is tied  into the device, the gmail app will be open and the user can send his/her message with clicking on the send email button. If an email client hasn't been set yet, the device asks the user to select an email client and sign in. After setting the email account, the message can be sent.
The message will be sent via email to the

mUzima Feedback Feature

There is a new feature which you can share your feedback and comments. 

Integration of YouTube API for mUzima Tutorials Feature

There is an improvement how you can watch mUzima tutorial videos. Now you can watch them without leaving the app. 

Integration Android Themes in mUzima

In the past mUzima App had only one style, dark background with light text. Now mUzima App supports light and Dark themes, that means you can choose between them.

The dark theme is the default theme. For changing the theme, you need to open the Settings dialog and tap on the 'Enable Night Mode' checkbox.


After changing the theme the appearance of all dialogs (background, color of text), including the settings dialog will be changed instantly.

If the checkbox is checked, the app is in light (Night) mode. That means the background is light (white) and the color of texts is dark.

If the checkbox is unchecked, the app is in dark (Day) mode. That means the background is dark (black) and the color of texts is light.

Some example of multi themed paged of mUzima Application: