This guide is to provide basic information on how to manage the forms that have already been developed. It includes how to make a form definition on server side, form upload and adding the form to set up configuration.

Steps to follow

  1. Log into OpenMRS on server side
  2. Go to Administration then Muzima Forms under Muzima

3. Then select upload on the far left icon labeled import

4. Choose the correct OpenMRS  form definition

If OpenMRS Form Definition doesn't exist, please create one (OpenMRS Form Definition)

5. Select relevant discriminator e.g json registration for registration form, json encounter for encounter form etc. Then click on the Click here to upload form and navigate to the form location on your machine.

6. Select HTML under  Select the FormType then click on validate.

7. Lastly Click on Upload to Save the form on server

Adding Form to setup Configuration

NOTE: All fields within this page are populated from the database. Type the first few letters then select from the list option.