mUzima comes with an initial setup wizard to aid in setup and configuration. A setup configuration can be described as a process of downloading packaged resources  from a mUzima instance (server). During the configuration process, a number of resources are downloaded from mUzima  instance for use during actual use of the application. These resources include Cohorts (Group of patients having similar characteristics e.g Hypertensive patients), Forms, Concepts, Encounters,  Observations, Providers, Locations and settings.

The configuration process is executed only once when the app is first launched, but in case of interruption the setup process will be restarted.

Once you have downloaded and installed mUzima as indicated here, follow the steps below to it set up

Step 1: Launch the app and specify the following three (3) required variables at the login page:

The app comes with default URL pointing to mUzima demo server (http://demo2.muzima.org) that can be accessed with the credentials (Username: admin, Password: test). We shall use these credentials to configure mUzima App using the mUzima demo server.

Step 2: Upon successful login, there are two methods of continuing the setup - Guided configuration and Advanced setup method

Guided Setup Configuration.

Guided Setup Configuration.

What if I want to test mUzima

Use the following settings to connect to our Demo server: