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  • Review ToDos
  • Dev Updates
  • Multiple assignments of patients to counselors design discussion
  • AOB

Discussion items


Review ToDos

  • Further actions on the online mode feature following demo feedback and discussions

Dev UpdatesAll

Benard Mokaya

  1. Worked on ticket MUZIMA-981 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Code Reviews

Simon Savai 

  1. Created tickets following design discussions on the improvement of online mode (MUZIMA-984, MUZIMA-985, MUZIMA-986, MUZIMA-987, MUZIMA-988)
  2. Introduced the ability to generate tags to support case managers

  1. Introduce long-press to select patient list
    1. Have an alert to inform the user that a patient is already assigned
    2. Have a setting on the server-side to set the assignment form since we might have more than one form on the app
  2. For individual assignment 
    1. If a patient already assigned give a message - patient already assigned do you want to re-assign (This should be as a pop-up before opening the form view, yes-no)
    2. Put a tag (Assigned Tag) if assignment occurred after consent date and within 30 days
    3. Have the ability to assign user to one or more roles - this will control what the user can do or see. This should also enable users to assign users by clicking on a patient if he is Case Manager role, this is without going through the patient summary page, forms tab.

Action items