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  • Introduced in mUzima Core 1.6.0, this enhancement  introduces an on demand feature to enable the processing of a cohort definition.
  • Initially, this would  be achieved through the use of a scheduler task.
  • This can now be executed on demand by clicking on a button.

Using The On Demand Feature.

Server-side step 1

  • For illustration purposes, we shall use an existing cohort and setup config.
  • The above cohort has 1000 patients
  • We shall use it in a setup config
  • Use this setup config on your mobile side.

Mobile-side step 1

  • Install mUzima APK 2.6.0
  • Use the setup with the cohort 
  • Upon successful installation, The Client tab should have 1000 synced clients.

Server-side step 2

  • Navigate to cohort definition to perform an On Demand Cohort Definition for the cohort with 1000 clients.
  • we shall change the size of the cohort by adding 20 more Clients.
  • Click save
  • You will be navigated back to cohorts definitions
  • Click on the defined cohort.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Run Now button to execute the definition
  • A message Cohort definition execution successful will be displayed.

Mobile-side step 2

  • Syncing should be done to obtain the new cohort definition.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Sync All data.
  • The patient synced should be 1020 patients in-line with  the on demand cohort definition.
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