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mUzima Application gives you the chance to customize the application with your special requirements.

However mUzima application provides some default settings, you can personalize them.

Default settings are defined as the settings that majority of users would choose.

The purpose of this document is to introduce you these settings and to describe how to configure them.

Open the Settings menu

  1. On any page while the options menu is available, tap the three vertical dots () at the top-right corner.
  2. Then a menu will be appear which gives you an access to further actions related to the current activity such as Settings, Help, and also gives ability to log out.
  3. Choose the 'Settings' menu item, then the Settings menu will be appear. 
    You can now configure the parameters of the feature you would like to change.

OpenMRS Settings

Server URL

In this section, you can change the server URL which your mUzima App is linked and draws data from.

To change the server URL follow the following steps:

  1.  Tap on the available server link and you will be enable to make the necessarily changes by typing a new server URL.

  2. Tap 'OK' to save the changes or tap 'CANCEL' to abort them. 
    After tapping 'OK', an alert dialog will be appear which warns you that if you change the server URL, all your mUzima data will be cleared.
    At this point, you can withdraw you server URL changes or confirm them.

Note: If you change the server URL, it will clear all mUzima data from your device.

User name and Password

There is no option to change the user name or the password. They can only be changed from the server side.

mUzima Settings

Session Timeout

Session timeout refers to the time of inactivity after which the mUzima Application automatically logs you out.

This means that the application automatically signs out you after you do not perform any action during this amount of time and you need to log in again.

This is a security feature that protects patient information. The default session timeout is 5 minutes.

To configure session timeout:

  1. Tap on the session timeout field. The session timeout dialog will be open.

  2. Set the new session timeout value in minutes.

  3. Tap 'OK' to save the changes or tap 'CANCEL' to abort them.

Note: For security reason , it is recommended not to set the session timeout too short or long time. If you set it too short, it can cause that the application will log out you often.

Automatic form save interval (mins)

Automatic form save interval is the time interval the application saves the current changes a form automatically helping to reduce the risk of important data loss.

The default automatic form save interval is 2 minutes.

To set automatic form save interval:

  1. Tap on the automatic form save interval field. A dialog will be open, where you can set the new, desired value.
  2. Set the new value in minutes.

  3. Tap 'OK' to save the changes or tap 'CANCEL' to abort them.

Real Time Sync

This feature allows you to automatic upload of completed patient forms.

That means, when you are connected to the internet, completed forms are synchronized automatically from the server to the device and vice versa.

If Internet connection is not available, completed form data will be synced when connection becomes available later.

If the Real Time Sync check box is ticked, the real time synchronization is set, otherwise not.

To set this feature, tap the Real Time Sync check box:

Require medical record number

You can set whether primary medical record number is required or not during client registration process.

For setting this feature:

  1. Tap on the 'Require medical record number' field. 
    If the checkbox is ticked means you need to set the primary medical number to the new client during the registration process.

    2. After, you tap on this settings, a dialog appear:

Duplicate form data warning

Once the check box is checked, the user will be warned in case a duplicate of a form for the same patient is being filled.

To avoid the form duplication, set this feature on by taping the check box:

Font size

mUzima application lets you adjust the font size to one that is most suits you. This font size applies to all forms.

To set the font size:

  1. Open the font size dialog by tapping on the font size settings.
  2. Choose one of the available font size options: Small, Medium or Large.
    After changing it, the font size of the forms will be changed immediately.

Landing Page

mUzima application gives you the opportunity to select the landing page: dashboard or client list. This means after the next log in, the selected page appears.

To set the landing page:

  1. Open the landing page dialog by tapping on the landing page settings. 
  2. Choose one of the available options: Dashboard, Client List.


Client List:

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