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Benard Mokaya 

Samuel Mbugua 

Martin Were 

Simon Savai 

Taib Ali 


FGH updates

3:00 pm - 4:00 pmDev updatesmUzima team
  • Team made changes for requested items.
  • Team working on requested changes (20th Sept, 2022)
  • Charges on the demographic update form for the contact person and the index case. To be able to change the relationship type.
  • These is necessitated by the "Other" field for updating the master card.
  • Team also finalized on work for the forms assigned to FGH staff.

FGH testing
  • Testing the APK.

PIH update
  • The Rwanda team raised an issue for the OpenMRS 2.5 to work with the core module.

How will this be done?

(Issue brought about by transforming XML forms to mUzima forms)

  • Team could contact PIH for a contract agreement.

mUzima team is okay with PIH taking up  the module upgrade.

Potential Usability Issues 
  • Tags and their meaning

Users may have challenges figuring out the tag meanings. 

  • Registering a new user.
  • Video tutorial; to help dynamically inform users on the various facets of the App.
  • Tool tip for the App that is dismissible.

User A/C
  • Admin has the password for the user.
  • OpenMRS can redirect user(s) for a password reset.
  • mUzima cannot handle the re-direct.
  • Users have to reset passwords themselves and setup the App.
  • Once an account is created on the OpenMRS side, a user can  change it.

FGH Users to be created from a central site (part of harmonization)

  • Team to discuss the work around the issue with the FGH team.

Action Items

  •  Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date