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Martin Were 

Simon Savai 

Benard Mokaya 

Taib Ali 


  • FGH Updates
3:00 pm -4:00 pmDev updatesSimon Savai 
  • An agreement on a number of improvements for the App and the forms.
  • Everything should be ready by the end of business today.
  • Updated allocation forms.
  • FGH team member was working on other forms.
  • Currently working on reviewing the form (FGH).

Benard Mokaya 

  • PATH project


  • The team focused on OpenMRS due to time constraints.
  • The project aimed at improving cancer screening using mUzima forms.
  • To be scaled up to include other NCDs.
  • There is party interested in using mUzima.
  • mUzima to reach out to PIH leadership.


  • Error with the module.
  • mUzima team to share a link for the module.

FGH comments
  • All modifications have been done for the mobile side.
  • All forms development has been done.

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