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Martin Were 

Simon Savai 

Benard Mokaya 

Samuel Mbugua 

Taib Ali 


  • Review of FGH presentation.
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Action items

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3:00 pm - 4:00 pmDev updates
  • DMS feature 
  • Feature to track App installation

Approval for design discussions 

Simon Savai testing of server-side component

Benard Mokaya looked at the GPS option

  • Currently the only available option is downloading the map of a location.
  • This has the implication of consuming user data bundles.

Log feature discussion

Setup config

  • Set up config updated date.


  • Last login date.
  • Earliest App use time during the day.
  • latest App use time during the day.
  • Last data upload to the server (Inform user to upload their data)


  • How the presentation will be used, will the videos be played during the call?

The presentation could be used for those absent.

  • Introduce a slide for why 3.0? handled by Martin Were 
  • Presentation to be done after the demo.

Device management
  • DMS how is currently done, server-side component was mentioned to be easily implementable with FGH. EPTS implementations do not have access to external internet hence it will be challenging for DMS. 
  • Team settled to have a separate server-side component.
  • Team has no objection with whatever online mechanism.

Action items

  •  Martin Were to come up with specific messages for display.