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STEP 1: Launch mUzima app on your phone.

STEP 2: Click NEXT or SKIP the slide show.

STEP 3: Read the Usage Policies and ACCEPT ALL 

STEP 4: Click NEXT to continue.

Starting mUzima and accepting usage policies

STEP 5: Specify the following three (3) required variables at the login page as per your OpenMRS instance.


The app comes with a default URL pointing to mUzima demo server ( that can be accessed with the credentials (Username: admin, Password: test). We shall use these credentials to setup mUzima In this illustartion, we shall use the ( credentials to setup mUzima App using the OpenMRS demo server.

Image RemovedYou will need to request your implementation administrator to provide you with the mUzima OpenMRS QR Code.

Image AddedmUzima OpenMRS QR code

STEP 6: Click Login to authenticate. 

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Step 7: on mUzima Application  from your application drawer to launch the application. The login page will be displayed.

STEP 7: While on the login page, you will be required to scan the URL by clicking on the QR Code icon. 

  • Upon clicking on the QR Code icon, your device camera will be launched.
  • Give mUzima permissions “While using the app” to use your device camera.

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App permissions

STEP 7: Point the camera to the mUzima OpenMRS code provided by the administrator.

  • The URL will be scanned successfully.
  • The URL will be scanned successfully and auto populate on the URL code field area.
  • Login to mUzima

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URL scanning and authentication

STEP 8: Upon successful login, mUzima version 3.x uses the Guided Program Setup.


    • As of mUzima 3.x, the Guided Setup is the only setup method in the App. In this setup, the app uses program information created on the server-side that specifies all relevant resources to be downloaded. This is useful for implementations that have many users who want to download the same set of resources from the server, and therefore provides a convenient way for specifying what exactly to download. To use Guided setup, choose a program and tap NEXT.Image Removed

Image Added

Searching and selecting a program

  • The setup wizard progress will be visualized.

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    Image RemovedImage Removed

Image Added Image Added

Setup wizard progress

STEP 8: The setup finished successfully. Click on FINISH to complete the guided setup.


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Finish setting up mUzima

You will be navigated to the Home menu item. See the documentation on using mUzima under Using mUzima Version v3.x.Image Removed

Image AddedHome page

This video tutorial provide a step by step guide to installing and configuring mUzima.