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  • Introduction Introductory Meeting

Discussion items

  • mUzima is an android extension to OpenMRS with offline capabilities. 
  • mUzima entirely speaks to OpenMRS through REST utilising the OpenMRS REST module as well as the muzimacore module for any custom REST endpoint that is specific to mUzima
  • mUzima team desires to make the application FHIR compliat where it can talk to other non-OpenMRS systems that support FHIR

  • The FHIR squad has done substantive work on OpenMRS FHIR which mUzima can ride upon
  • So far the resources that are working include:
    • Patient
    • Encounter
    • Observation
    • Location
    • Provider → this is implemented as Practiotioner
    • Basic Authentication Works
  • There is efforts towards implementing SmartOnFHIR which would see OpenMRS provide oauth2 services

Action items

  •  Samuel Mbugua to organize for a larger team meeting to map the way forward