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50 minReview ToDosAll
  • Test to ensure the authentication failed message is not hidden by the keyboard 
  • Create an index case form for Case managers in Index Case Testing Programme to assign patients to counselors for follow-up.
    • This was done and tested on mUzima 23.0 and works. To be demoed in 2.x versions
    • Martin Were to inform the Index Case Team that we need to present this for Thursday.
  • Address need to re-assign already assigned patients.
    • Currently, if they the case manager refills the assignment form, the changes are not processed by the cohort filter mechanism to re-assign the patient. This is because the patient was already added to the cohort for volunteers. 
    • For all new assignments, need to check if the assigned is the same, and if it is not, update the signed individual. 
      •  [ ] Once a case manager assigns a patient, should the patient be removed from their list?
      •  [ ] Martin Were to look at what a summary/flow for CM would look like.
  • Add concept on who has been assigned to the patient before for the Case Managers (under history)
    • We will improve the display of who the provider (like a clinical summary)
  • Add an 'Assigned' tag to the CM summary page:
    • Tags to show that patient is 'Assigned' during saving of a form. This only applies for the period of assignment. Might need to incorporate historical data (only for the period), but also assignments during a session - whether they are synced or not.
    • Tags: 'Assigned','Synchronized'   'Assigned','Not Synchronized'
    • If they try to fill a form for an 'Assigned' individual - we should check if an Incomplete form exists, and tell them to work on that (duplicate feature). (We should demo this feature)
    • If they try to fill in a re-assignment form for an assigned and synchronized person, we should give a message 'This patient is already assigned to "Counselor's name". If you fill a new form, the patient will be re-assigned - Are you sure you want to re-assign (Y/N)?' 
  •  Complete forms unsynched after several days
    • Should we give a message - e.g. 'You have complete forms not uploaded to the server for over a week. Please synchronize'
    • Disadvantage - can be intrusive (especially if they log on and off multiple times in a day)
  • Add address and phone numbers on the index case testing report. This is done , and should be sent to Frank. Simon Savai to touch base with Frank, and also update the Whatsapp group.
  • Work on Online/Offline functionality - this is a work in progress. By the next call, Savai thinks he should. 
    • We need to revamp how to display historical data in Online  / offline modes. 
    • Review OpenMRS Android or AMPATH version as an examples on example of how to display historical data. 
  • Martin Were Explore features to support case managers
10 minDev Simon Savai 
  • Renamed ‘Complete’ to ‘Unsynced’ (MUZIMA-979)
  • Updated index case reports to include phone number and addresses (FGH-48).
  • Continued work on the FGH module to map mastercards mastercard records to relationship persons. Need to work on a simple report and testing of the module (FGH-46).
  • Started work on online-only mode (MUZIMA-872)
  • Code review and testing the ability to assign cohort members via case manager form (FGH-47).

New UI/UX feedback and thoughts`:

  • Play more with colors.
  • Bottom Menu - would we rather stick with the navigation drawer.
  • They need to play at the UI - there isn't much difference with what we have.
  • Real estate for the purple area.

Action items

  •  Simon Savai to update the index case team about updates to the index case report.
  •  Simon Savai to work on online/offline functionality  Create and demo during next week call
  •  Simon Savai to test workflow of counselor assignment on 2.x versions
  •  Martin Were to inform the Index Case Team about the need to present the Case manager patient counselor assignment on Thursday's call.
  •  Martin Were to look at what a summary/flow for CM would look like 
  •  Martin Were Explore features to support case managers
  •  Plan to create tags and reassignment message messages for index case manager 
  •  Review Team to review OpenMRS Android or AMPATH version as an examples on example of how to display historical data