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A duplicate error is encountered when a patient with  similar demographic information exists in an implementation database. This error can be resolved by fixing the duplication of the patient information on the encounter form data and re-queuing the payload for processing. The image below  shows an example of a duplication error.

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How to resolve a duplicate record.


  • Log in to the implementation server and navigate to the error list under administration.
  • Select the encounter form that has a validation error.
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  • Click on the pencil icon to view the error
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  • The above errors denote that; the patient cannot  be uniquely identified for the encounter form data.
  • Similarly, a validation error is listed indicating that Patient id is required.
  • By by clicking on  the pencil icon next to Uploaded Form Data, you are able to edit the json payload corresponding to the encounter form.
  • Below is the corresponding Form JSON payload that is displayed on clicking the said pencil icon.
  • The highlighted patient medical record number in The JSON payload is the main problem in the failure to uniquely identify the patient in this encounter form data.
  • Edit the patient medical record number.
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