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  • Dev updates
  • FGH tracing video
  • AOB


Dev UpdatesAll
  • Benard Mokaya  Worked on the Case Manager and field worker workflow video capture and editing. Generated and released beta-test APK and module. Worked with Simon Savai to troubleshoot and resolve the issue with the website.
  • Simon Savai Worked on fixing mUzima website security issues.
  • Kiprono Nicholas Created intro and end cards for the Patient Tracing video. Currently, working on editing and compiling the cards, screenshots and clips from the team members.
  • Taib Ali Finished alpha testing (pending review) and worked on wiki documentation for  Setup Config Level Settings and On Demand Cohort Definition (pending review). Started testing of tickets on MFHPRT. 
  • Wasula Benjamin Finalized on PEERNaija UI Designs, redesigned the logo, and added new avatars. Starting off UI Designs for  Tele-Consultation App.
  • Samuel Owino Omondi Concluded work on MUZIMA-596(Added support for switching languages without the app errors) and MUZIMA-860 (Added ability to save muzima form tags from muzima-core WebUI)

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