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  1. Setting Up Schedulable task.

     Go to administration, then select manage scheduler under scheduler, and then add task.

    Set the time interval which the scheduler task will be run

  2. Creating Cohort Definition

    •   Under mUzima column within the main dashboard select Cohort definitions.

    • Click on Create cohort definition

    • Select a cohort from the select box/dropdown

    1. Enter the creteria to be satisfied/fullfilled for addition/removal of members eg select patient_id from patient pt,person ps where TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, birthdate, CURDATE())=18 and gender='M' and pt.patient_id=ps.person_id; This will automatically add patients aged 18 and are male to the cohort and remove all those who are not 18 years from the cohort membership.


      cohort Cohort defination makes relies on cohorts created using cohort builder.


      1. Scheduler task will only be run on a cohort defination if Enable Scheduled task checkbox is checked

      2. Addition of members who fullfill a creteria is only possible if Enable Addition of members is checked. (Enable Scheduled task checkbox must be checked for the addition to be possible)

      3. Removal of members who do not fullfill the creteria is only possible if Enable Removal of members is checked. (Enable Scheduled task checkbox must be checked for the removal to be possible)

  3. Mobile Side Setting and indicators

    • Enable Real time sync in order cohort membership changes can be automatically be synched. If Real time sync is disabled, a maual sync will be needed.


      A red icon in the cohorts tab on the dashboard means a a cohort has changed and syncing is needed.

      A red red text in cohort list shows which cohorts have changed since the lsat sync and that need manual sync.