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Before filling in a form for a client make sure you have downloaded the correct form. If not go to the main mUzima dashboard and click on "forms," click on the "All" tab, which will list all the forms, choose . Choose the correct form and click on the download button.

After successfully downloading the form, go to the main mUzima dashboard and click on "Clients."


Follow the steps below:-

  1. Select the appropriate client and click on that client.


  1. In the Forms section, you should be able to see at


  1. least one or more


  1. recommended forms.
  2. Click on the appropriate form, i.e., the form you downloaded to


  1. your phone.
  2. The form will load with the demographic details of the client.
  3. Fill in the form for the client.

Note: Fields with a red asterisk '*' are mandatory and MUST be filled in.

Forms can be saved as draft drafts or Save saved as complete.

Each of the above functionality functionalities has a button at the bottom of the form.