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We have targeted windows operating system in this particular update (preferably windows 10).


  • A working URL instance of the previously set OpenMRS server with biometrics module installed

  • Verifinger DLLs (NBiometricClient.dll, NBiometrics.dll, NCore.dll, NDevices.dll, NdmMedia.dll, Neurotec.dll, NLicensing.dll, NMedia.dll, NMediaProc.dll)

  • Scanner DLLs (depending on the scanner being used e.g NdmDigitalPersonaUareU.dll for Digital Persona UareU, NdmFutronic.dll for Futronic)

  • A working fingerprint Scanner (Digital Persona UareU or Futronic) with scanner drivers installed (Preferably futronic FS80).

  • A working instance of GIT

  • A working instance of MAVEN

  • Java development kit( 8+)