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To open the Help center page without logging in, tap on the 'Help Center' link on the login page.


Integration Android Themes in mUzima (V2.4.0)

In the previous version, mUzima App came with only one style, dark background with light text. Now mUzima App supports light and Dark themes, that means you can choose between them.

The dark theme is the default theme.

To change the theme do the following:


Image Removed     Image Removed

After changing the theme the appearance of all dialogs (background, color of text), including the settings dialog will be changed instantly.

If the checkbox is unchecked, the app is in dark (Night) mode. That means the background is dark (black) and the color of texts is light.

If the checkbox is checked, the app is in light (Day) mode. That means the background is light (white) and the color of texts is dark.

Some examples of multi themed pages of mUzima Application:

Image Removed

Image Removed

mUzima Chat Now (V2.4.2)

This feature has replaced the Notifications feature on the dashboard in version 2.4.2. This feature allows for real time messaging between providers who have registered their phone numbers on mUzima.  The Chat Now feature is set up and enabled while setting up mUzima.