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  1. For every new feature, bug, or other requirements, a ticket is created via the mUzima JIRA portal.
  2. Each ticket goes through a lifecycle, typically from NEW to IN PROGRESS, PRE-TESTING, CODE REVIEW where the work is done and pre-tested, the code is reviewed and merged. A full list of possible steps in the ticket lifecycle is described here.
  3. When all tickets for the release are completed and respective pull requests are merged, the artefacts (APK and Omod) are generated, to start the Alpha testing phase. Alpha testing typically takes a period of one to two weeks and involves testing against all tickets related to the release.
  4. The final step before release is Beta testing. The artefacts are subjected to a thorough end-to-end testing exercise to make sure that all features work as expected. This testing is based on a preset list of test cases that provide specific steps to test each and every feature. See this page for a guide on how to run test cases for Beta testing.
  5. Any bugs identified during Alpha and Beta testing are fixed, and new issues filed as new tickets to be worked on during future releases.
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