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Primary mentor

Backup mentor

Project champion(s)

Outreachy InternTBD

Project Description

mUzima Android app uses HTML form templates to collect data within the health space. There are two major classifications of mUzima forms: Registration forms for recording demographic data, and Encounter forms for recording health care provider encounter-level data. There’s need to develop a Form Builder that integrates a form designer UI for non-programmers and a generator that translates form designs into mUzima compatible form templates.

Project Scope

For this internship, our scope is design of a basic encounter form.


  1. Design a drag and drop form builder
    Allow drag and drop of different types of HTML form fields to create a form in a WYSIWYG mode.

  2. Ability to pull concepts from an OpenMRS instance concept dictionary
    Based on concept type, add an appropriate form field. For example, for a numeric field, add a textbox with input filter set to number.

  3. Release a first version of the form builder
    It's time to publish what we have done this far. Launch the builder on one of mUzima Cloud instances for users to start using. Create documentation and update the documentation as we get feedback from users.

Skills Needed

  • Java
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Git

Added advantage

  • Understanding of OpenMRS REST API

Extra Credit

  1. Generate a default encounter form template for users to use as beginning point and testers to quickly consume.

Suggested Timelines

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