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NOTE: The contents of this page are for an upcoming mUzima App 3.0 release. Ensure you  are referring to this document for the right version of the mUzima app.

mUzima Core Module is the main mUzima OpenMRS module that has REST endpoints that enables to link the OpenMRS instance which the mUzima mobile application will connect to. The mUzima Core Module provides data processing, mUzima form management, and error resolution among other server-side functionalities. The mUzima team works on improving the mUzima Core Module. For this reason, the mUzima Core Module is being updated from time to time as new features are being added or existing features are being improved.

The mUzima  Core Module version 2.x is the latest release from the mUzima team. In this mUzima module, Report Dataset Definitions, Mobile Usage LogsDevice Administration and Mobile App Releases - Server Side are the new features that have been introduced. There are also enhancements that have been introduced under the Program Setup that is,  setup configuration has been renamed to program setup.

New Installation And Upgrade

The mUzima core module can be obtained from the mUzima team. This documentation provides a step by step guide on installing the mUzima core module.

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