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mUzima is committed to support  implementation partners. mUzima conducts weekly mUzima community calls  where blockers, issues and ideas for new features are discussed.  mUzima team strongly encourages community members to file a  ticket corresponding to an issue under  with the relevant information such as; mUzima APK version, mUzima Core Module version, Android device version, OpenMRS version, implementation name, along with logs, screenshots, and a detailed description of the issue. This will enable  mUzima team  to troubleshoot the issue in advance  and provide prompt feedback and guidance. In addition; during the community calls, you are encouraged to post the ticket link on the the chat so that  other implementation partners can understand the issue. 

How to join the community call

The weekly community call is conducted  via  an online platform every Wednesday 4pm EAT. mUzima also makes an effort of sending a weekly reminder to join the call via Gmail. To join the call and subscribe to the weekly reminder, send us an email at

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