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Release DateSomeday
Project Statusin Development
Technical LeadThe PEERNaija Project
UI/UX DesignerThe PEERNaija Project

The PeerNaija project is a mobile platform developed for HIV patients on Anti-Retroviral medication.  The platform provides a set of tools that help improve medication uptake consistency by offering digital incentives, keeping participants connected to their peers and making it incredibly easy for participants to communicate with providers on demand. The PEENaija project uses a set of gamification features such as leaderboards, achievements and points that keep participants fully engaged in the day to day medication intake activities.  The main goal of this platform is to make it fun and easy to consistently take medication, by employing the power of community, consultation and gamification.


  1. Participant Registration
  2. Personal Profile and Avatars
  3. Gamification
    1. Point System
    2. Leaderboards
    3. Achievements
  4. Notifications and Reminders
  5. Messaging
    1. PEERNaija Group Chat
    2. Participant - Provider Messaging - Consultation  

PEERNaija Participant Sign up

PEERNaija provides a simplified participant sign up flow, that is divided into small steps that allow the user to learn about the platform, create their profile and quickly set up their medication regimen. These stages can be broken down into;

  • Onboarding stage

This stage includes a series of onboarding screens that describe how to use PEERNaija as well as presenting what features are available for the participant to make use of within the platform. 

  • Profile creation stage 

While on this part of the application the participant can choose an avatar from the large set of available avatars for their profile. The user is also required to choose a nickname that they will use in the application. The avatar and nickname will be used to personalise messaging, leaderboards and other features, that link the participants with their peers and providers. The app emphasizes the use of a nickname and not a personally identifiable username, to protect the privacy of the participant. This enables the user to chat anonymously with their peers as well as appearing on the PEERNaija global leaderboard without giving up their identity. 

  • Medication regimen setup stage

While on this screen the user can set up their medication regimen which includes the time they take the selected medication and the medication identifiable label. This page requires guidance from a provider and the application emphasizes that by requiring a provider code to complete the setup process. The participant with the assistance of a provider selects a coded reminder message that will accompany the medication reminder notifications. The reminder messages are customized to fit the cultural context and projected preference of the participants.  This stage concludes the setup process for the participant and it is after this that the participant can be able to access all existing features within the application. 

  • PEERNaija Gamification Features
    • Point System

The PEERNaija gamification features are built on top of a point system that is designed to motivate participants to stay active and engaged in the course of taking their medication. The points are organized into various streaks, whereby every streak has a particular number of points that are awarded to the participant when they record their medication. When a user takes medication beyond a particular number of days their rank is increased and such they enter the next streak on which they earn more points, therefore, climbing the ranks on the leaderboards faster than their fellow participants who may be on a lower streak. 

The PEERNaija point system is as follows;

Number of Days (streak) They Took Their ARTPoints Awarded
Day 01-0510 points per day
Day 06-1015 points per day
Day 11-1520 points per day
Day 16-2025 points per day
Day 20-2530 points per day
Day 26-end of the month35 points per day

The mobile application presents the progress on the particular streak to the user with the helper of progress bars. The user can determine how many total points they have earned at a particular point and they are also able to determine how far they are from earning all possible points available which they can achieve if they record medication every day of the month for the whole month.

  • Leaderboards

"The purpose of a leaderboard is to show players where they rank in a gamified system. Those at the top enjoy the notoriety it brings; as for everyone else, the leaderboard shows them where they stand relative to their peers."

The PEERNaija participants are all ranked on a global leaderboard, that displays the user's avatar, their nickname and the particular points they have earned in the course of their usage fo the PEERNaija application as well as their realtime rank vs their peers. The PEERNija leaderboard tanks participants based on the points they have earned while recording their medication intake, which as explained above depends upon the user's current streak

If participants sign up at the middle of the month, their ranking is automatically suspended until the beginning of the month whereby they will join the particular leaderboard afresh with the other participants. This is done to prevent huge disparity between participants due to late registration, which if not addressed could result in demoralized participants.

  • Achievements

"Achievements are included within games to extend the title's longevity and provide players with the impetus to do more than simply complete the game but to also find all of its secrets and complete all of its challenges" ~ Wikipedia

The PEERNiaja participant can unlock various achievements which are calculated based on the point system described above. The PEERNiaja achievements are based on consistency to take medication.  For example; If a user takes their medication consistently for 5 days they automatically unlock a particular achievement. The user can determine the achievements they have unlocked and the ones they are yet to unlock right from the application. The guide to what they need to do for unlocking the achievement is also provided within the achievements screen. 

  • Notifications and Reminders

Notifications and reminders are essential in the goal to provide a support system for patients on a particular medication regimen. Since the particular participant can record on the application the schedule for their selected medication regimen, the PEERNaija mobile application uses this information to schedule notification reminders for the user, that help to keep the user on track to take medication. The application notifies the participants 30 minutes before the time for medication and provides the user with the ability to snooze these reminders and take action on the particular notifications/reminders. The application makes it very easy for the user to record their medication intake when they tap on the particular notification as well as the ability to dismiss it if they are not in a position to take medication. The reminders use an automatic snooze system that is 15 minutes apart, that ensure that if the user does not act on the reminders they will continue to be notified within 15 minutes time caps. 

The user is also able to quickly update particular times for taking their medication right within the application is very quick easy steps. The participant will, however, require the presence of a provider to change their medication regimen. This is enforced via a provider code mechanism programmed within the application. The provider enters their pin to unlock this functionality. 

Openmrs interoperability

The PEERNaija application has the ability to interchange data with Openmrs EMR via the Openmrs mUzima core module. The data can be accessed as patient observations. The patient-based records for participants are managed through the Openmrs EMRS. Data collected includes medication regimen options and medication update records as entered by the patient on the mobile application. Data interface with the OpenMRS based EMRS is protected over a TSL connection and preferable firewall security.

Heroic Labs - Nakama Integration

PEERNaija integrates with Nakama Heroic Labs which offers an industry-best standard for server-side gamification functionality. Nakama facilitates PEERNaija gamification functionality, by offering features such as leaderboards, user account management and reliable messaging functionality. Nakama Heroic labs help PEERnaija achieve reliable chat rooms via PEERNaija group and chat and one-to-one messaging (consultation). TThe PEERNaija leaderboards feature relies heavily on the Nakama server-side integration. 

PEERNaija Provider Application

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