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While developing forms, it is always best to test them to ensure that they will work as expected per user needs, and they will be processed without errors. There are two ways of testing the forms:

  1. Testing in the web browser. 
    • It is possible to launch and test the form in the browser. However, to be able to test this successfully, you will need to make sure that the form you are testing is located in the root directory of muzima-form project, so that the muzima.js file resolves correctly.
    • While testing in the browser, it will be important to ensure that the form UI works well and as well the form payload is properly structured. See the following screenshot samples:
  2. Testing on mUzima mobile phone:
    • This is recommended as the final testing phase before releasing the form for others to test. It involves loading the form on the app and testing to ensure that it works as expected.
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