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  • The mUzima Core Module displays mUzima through a side panel menu with a menu list item which can be used to configure your mUzima instance.

Illustration on how to access mUzima menu

  • In this illustration, we shall be using a demonstration mUzima OpenMRS instance setup by the mUzima team.
  • The link to the instance is
  • The login credentials are
    • Username: Admin
    • Password: test
  • Login to the instance.
  • Once you have been authenticated, you will be presented with the OpenMRS user interface as shown below.
  • Click on Administration on the menu as highlighted.
  • It will navigate to the following interface.
  • Use the side bar highlighted by the arrow to scroll to the bottom 
  • You will see the mUzima core module as highlighted.
  • Click on an item in the mUzima module to navigate to the below mUzima Core Module interface which presents the items in a vertical menu as shown below.

mUzima Menu Item List

The list below provides links to the above menu items for the mUzima core module. Click on an item to learn more about it.

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