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  • Introduced in mUzima App version 2.6.0 and mUzimaCore 1.6.0.
  • The setup config level settings resolve challenges in  mUzima app version 2.5.0 and mUzimaCore module version 1.5.0. where the settings feature applies to all mUzima app versions.
  • This was a challenge especially  for implementations that ran multiple projects sharing the same OpenMRS instance and with different requirements for the settings.
  • In mUzima App version 2.6.0 and mUzimaCore 1.6.0. setup config levels setting have been introduced to add various  settings as part of the setup config to provide more flexibility on the feature.
  • The server side (mUzimaCore) 1.6.0 now  has  a user interface (UI)  for defining config level settings, and settings models on the server-side.
  • The mobile app version 2.6.0 has been refactored to enable storing config level values.
  •  While evaluating settings values on the mobile side, config level values will take precedence. 

Server-side illustration

  • Login into your mUzima instance running mUzimaCore 1.6.0.
  • Navigate to setup configuration.
  • select a configuration.
  • A new tab settings has been added. 
  • This tab can be used to enable or disable config level settings.
  • However, Global level settings take precedence.
  • In the settings tab, search for a setting to be included in the configuration.
  • in this instance, we shall search and include Relationship status: Enabled.
  • After selecting the searched setting, intellisense highlights it click on it.
  • The setting is enabled by default as shown in the dialogue.
  • Enabling or disabling a setting at config level is done on this dialogue by clicking on the respective radio button.
  • Click close. 
  • Relationship status: Enabled.
  • SHR status Enabled.
  • To remove or edit a setting from the config, highlight it as shown below  and click Remove Setting or Edit Setting Value.
  • This setup config has both Relationship status: Enabled and SHR status: Enabled
  • This configuration will install the APK V 2.6.0 with the Relationship status and SHR  enabled.

Mobile-side illustration

  • A setup configuration installs mUzima App with given settings such as above.
  • Alternatively,functionality such as enabling SHR, GPS and relationship can be enabled under settings and syncing all data if the same has been enabled in the respective setup config.

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