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To research and compare different open source fingerprint SDK options

Project Lead

Elly Makuba

Project Team

Noah Jaafa Kasiiti

John Kemboi

Simon Savai

Open Source Fingerprint SDK Comparison





Biometric SDK



Open source

Open source

Open source

Buy their scanners and get free SDK

Programming language

C with Java API

Pure .NET and .pure Java (beta)

C#, Java

Supports C, C++,C# ,Java, .NET.

Supported operating systems

Primarily developed for linux, but should be fairly portable

Windows, Linux, Cross-platform

OS independent


Supported fingerprint readers

Asus, Cavadis, HP, DigitalPersona, Fujitsu,IBM

All flat fingerprint readers supported

Not indicated


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  1. Elly Makuba Dont you think Libfprint may support more devices than listed above because according to this link you can scan the system for supported fingerprint scanning hardware, What is your view on that?. Meanwhile sourceAFIS is another good option due its support for all flat fingerprint readers, its in the beta testing phase though. Those two option look good for me especially that we wanna go open source.  



  2. Noah Jaafa Kasiiti I agree they might be supporting futronic devices, checking at this link was last updated september 2013, so it might as well be obsolete.