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NOTE: The contents of this page are for an upcoming mUzima App 3.0 release. Ensure you  are referring to this document for the right version of the mUzima app.

Server-side Illustration

Ungrouped Concepts

mUzima core module version 2.0 introduces a user interface that enables users to define groupings and order within groups for observations.  Users can also select icons associated with concepts. This seamlessly integrates with the client-side mUzima App version 3.0.0.

  • Login in to mUzima OpenMRS instance.
  • Navigate to the mUzima Core module and launch the dashboard.
  • Click on the Setup Configurations menu item
  • Click edit on the pencil icon for a setup configuration.

Program setup

  • Click the To Edit button

Program edit button

  • Click on the Concepts tab
  • Search for a concept in the Search by name concept text field area.
  • Click on the concept to highlight it and use the move selected arrow to move the concept to Selected Concepts.
  • You can choose an icon for a concept to be displayed on the mobile side by clicking on the dropdown menu as highlighted in the height concept.
  • The BODY MASS INDEX concept has an icon selected for illustration.

You can remove a concept from the selection by using the trash can icon to delete it.


The Require placement of Concepts in Groups checkbox is unchecked. Therefore, observations will not be grouped on the mobile side.

  • Save the setup configuration.

Concepts for observations view

Client-side (Mobile App) Illustration

Ungrouped Observations

This documentation illustrates ungrouped observations on the client side.

Grouped Observations

This documentation illustrates grouped observations on the client side.

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