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NOTE: The contents of this page are for an upcoming mUzima App 3.0 release. Ensure you  are referring to this document for the right version of the mUzima app.


A mUzima App Release is a package that contains installation files for the mUzima mobile application. The mobile app uses these packages to determine when new versions are available and initiates the update process accordingly. Updates are based on the minimum supported Android version(android 7.0+).

How To Upload A New Release Package.


This procedure is done by administrators who have the authorization to upload mUzima App on their mUzima OpenMRS implementations. The administrator should download the APK from the source provided by the mUzima team.

The administrator for an implementation can upload a new release for download by users. The following are the steps to upload a new release.

  • Click on the Upload a new release button

  • Click on Click here to select file.

  • Select the mUzima APK file from the downloaded location

  • The mUzima APK file will be selected successfully.

  • The Immediately check box under Availability when checked will make the App release available to the users as soon as it is uploaded on mUzima OpenMRS.

  • The Pick a date check box under Availability when checked will make the App release available to the users on a specified date after it has been uploaded on mUzima OpenMRS.
  • The Enforce this update check box when checked will prompt the users of an older version of the mUzima App to update mUzima to this release.
  • Click on the Validate button.

  • The package will be validated successfully.
  • Click Save.
  • The release package will be listed as the current available mUzima release.
  • The previous versions will be listed under HISTORICAL RELEASES.
  • The new mUzima release can also be downloaded by clicking on  Download APK.

How To Edit A Release Package.

  • Click on the pencil icon to edit a release package.
  • The checkboxes for  Immediately, Pick a date, and Enforce this update are the only editable fields.
  • Click Save for the changes to be effected.
  • The retire button is used to archive the release package.
  • Click on the Retire button
  • You will be required to provide a reason for retiring the release package.
  • Click Retire after providing the reason for retiring the releases package.
  • The release package will be retired successfully.

Mobile Side Illustration For The New Release Package.

Having set the Availability for the package as Immediately, the package will send a release alert to users to update their mUzima App. By clicking on the YES button, mUzima will be Updated.

This documentation provides a step-by-step guide on the mobile side for new package release.

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