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A mUzima App Release is a package that contains installation files for the mUzima mobile application. The mobile app uses these packages to determine when new versions are available and initiates the update process accordingly. Updates are based on the minimum supported Android version(android 7.0+)

Update mUzima App To A New Release

Once the mUzima package for release  has been uploaded to the mUzima OpenMRS instance, the mUzima OpenMRS instance will send a release alert to users to update their mUzima App. 

  • To update mUzima, authenticate into the application.
  • An update alert will be displayed
  • Click on the YES button.

Confirm update

  • Allow mUzima permission to update under  the device settings by toggling the update button.
  • Click Update

                                                       Device permissions and update

  • mUzima will be updated successfully.

                                                         mUzima updated successfully

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