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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Members to update the Dev updates with the relevant tickets.
2020-07-14 mUzima-dev Meeting notes
  • Simon Savai to create initial Ui mockup for the onboarding
Simon Savai2020-07-06 mUzima UI redesign meeting notes
Benard Mokaya2020-06-16 muzima-Dev Meeting notes
  • Simon Savai to include agenda three (concept download on form download) on the Wedesday call
Simon Savai2020-05-05 mUzima-Dev Meeting notes
  • Samuel Mbuguato update the wiki page with links of all the repositories
Samuel Mbugua2020-04-30 Meeting notes
  • Final meeting next week
2020-04-23 Meeting notes
  • Simon Savai to follow up with Patrick of Palladium on concept dictionary.
Simon Savai2020-04-21 mUzima-Dev Meeting notes
  • Simon Savai  - need to incorporate the GPS mapping feature for COVID-19. Ensure that the right GPS is showing up (not the one collected in the 
Simon Savai2020-04-21 mUzima-Dev Meeting notes
Benard Mokaya2020-04-21 mUzima-Dev Meeting notes
  • Registration form to follow OpenMRS convention
2020-04-21 mUzima-Dev Meeting notes

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