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mUzima framework uses different tools and technologies to achieve its objectives. Before you delve into mUzima, how to install and use it, here is a snapshot of what you may need to know:

Mobile App:

Server Side:

Need more info:

To further understand the architecture of the mUzima framework, check out the Technical Notes section of this documentation

Are you an Implementer 

Are you the system implementer- doing installations and configurations? Read the documentation.

  1. Installing mUzima
  2. Configuring mUzima
  3. Implementer's Guide for OpenMRS 

Are you an End User?

As a an end user, you will mostly interact with muzima mobile app or at times the mUzima modules on OpenMRS. Check out our guide:

  1. Using mUzima guide
  2. Filling Forms in mUzima
  3. OpenMRS User Guide