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mUzima code is organized into modules with each module playing a specific role. There is inter-dependency in the modules where one module requires another module. e.g to compile muzima-android you will need to have muzima-api which in turn requires that you have search-api.

A similar dependency is maintained with the OpenMRS modules. e.g The TeleConsultation module requires that mUzima Core module is installed at runtime.

All muzima code is stored in the muzima github repository. Some of this code may require that you login to github so its advised you login or create a github account if you do not have one.
  • mUzima mobile:

mUzima Android:

  • Supporting modules:

mUzima Core module:

mUzima Consultation module:

mUzima Fingerprint module:



It is adviced that you Fork the repository(ies) of choice and work on your fork. To have your code merged to the main repo, create a Pull Request in github and our repository manager will work with you to merge the code
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