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NOTE: The contents of this page are for an upcoming mUzima App 3.0 release. Ensure you  are referring to this document for the right version of the mUzima app.

Note: In order to register a new client, you will need a client registration form for your program.

  • You can register a new client in mUzima by clicking on the floating action  button on the Home page.

Note: The floating button will appear if the user is allowed to register new clients

Registration button

  • Upon clicking on the registration button, click 'No' when the pop-up dialogue asks if the client already has an existing ID.

Confirm existing ID

  • A registration form will be launched if one has been downloaded.

Sample registration form

  • Enter the demographics of the client.
  • Fields with an asterisk * are mandatory to fill.

Fill in patient details

  • You can save the form as a draft and complete it later.

Save form as DRAFT

  • The draft form can be accessed under the incomplete forms tab.

Draft form saved under Incomplete Forms

  • Launch the form and complete filling up the rest of the form.

                                Access  and fill draft form under Incomplete Form Data tab

  • Proceed to save the form as final using the "Save" button at the top left.

Save registration form

  • The client summary for the newly created client will be displayed.

Client Summary page

  • Navigate to the Home page and click on the Un-synced Forms.
  • Sync the form by clicking on the sync icon on the top right.

                                                             Syncing the registration form

  • Your registered client will be listed under the client list in the Home menu item.

Patient registered successfully

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