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Martin Were 

Simon Savai 

Benard Mokaya 

Taib Ali 


  • FGH requirements.
  • Wiki documentation.
3:00pm-4:00pmDev updatesFGH requirements
  • Changes on the application
  • Changes on index case form.
  • The APK has been shared with the FGH team for testing.

FGH changes

What components are generalizable/ does mUzima need a customizable APK for FGH?

  • FGH requires a different client summary. This can be achieved via a server-side setting.
  • Historical items, cohorts and forms have a setting to allow display. 

Device AdministrationDemo
  • The data is stored on a wiping history table.
  • FGH could be informed on the feature.
  • The current APK 3.0.6 has supports the same module for the current module.
  • Video demo for the feature Taib Ali 

Address the 28 day time span for wiping data. 

FGH testing time-frame
  • This is not currently set. 
  • Could be pushed for the September release.
  • FGH was to set instances for testing.

Display of the tabular format of  historical 
  • Team to explore various views for the tabular format.

SSL for mUzima channel
  • Simon Savai  to fix it soonest so as to have an official channel for the OpenMRS issue below.

mUzima cohort builder for OpenMRS 2.4+
  • Team to find a solution for the issue since it affects mUizma.

Blog for mUzima
Taib Ali 
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