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  • Review ToDos
  • Dev Updates
  • Online mode discussions
  • AOB

Discussion items

REview Todos
  • Simon Savai to update the index case team about updates to the index case report - done on call.
  • Simon Savai to work on online/offline functionality and demo during next week call - done, getting tested. an item needs discussion.
  • Simon Savai to test workflow of counselor assignment on 2.x versions - demonstrated
  • Martin Were to inform the Index Case Team about the need to present the Case manager patient counselor assignment on Thursday's call - done.
  • Martin Were to look at what a summary/flow for CM would look like  - discussed on Thur call with Index Case team.
  • Martin Were Explore features to support case managers - this will be based on the Thur discussion.
  • Plan to create tags and reassignment messages for index case manager 
  • Team to review OpenMRS Android or AMPATH version as an example of how to display historical data

Dev Updates

Simon Savai 

Demo on Online Version
  • TO DO: Review description of menu items on Settings to make them more understandable.
  • TO DO: When changing modes, switch theme colors.
  • TO DO: Add 'Online Mode' in white to the default page / or darkeer color if theme is light. 
  • TO DO: Fix green box (?transparency) on light theme
  • TO DO: Figure out how to show pop-ups with 'Don't show again option' - not a priority but is a good thing to make the app usable.
    • Example - to make online app more understandable - e.g. when downloading cohorts.
  • Whenever there is a setting switch, have an onboarding screen that says - you've been switched from the offline mode to online mode. Link for more details.  Proceed.
  • Also make the notification on server side to avoid unwanted changes. Inform them to tell their users of change.
  • TO DO: Add count down for auto-log out (e.g. 30 seconds) - in both offline and online modes.
  • All unsynced and incomplete forms will be deleted on log-out. We will have a pop-up if they have these at attempted logout in online mode.
  • Martin Were to get FGH clinical summary app.
  • To Do: Fix the set

Discussion on requests by Index Case Testing Team
  • How to handle - tags for (1) assigned, (2) HIV positive partner, (3) district - should be readily understandaeble, but accomodate for space available for tags. Should also readily allow for scaling (e.g. districts to automatically abbreviate.
  • Multiple assignments at once - assign to one individual
  • How to handle changes to assignment prior to sync.
  • How to handle changes to assignment after sync.
  • Data to display for each individual to help with assignment / how to display it - will need to discuss with Indx case team

Action items