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Discussion items

15 minutesDev UpdatesAll

Taib Ali worked on Official Release  test for MCMRT and MFHPRT  and updated mUzima Releases 

Samuel Owino Omondi Concluded integration of messaging feature on teleconsultation web. Integrated SMS support via Nexmo/Vonage API . Made available the feature preview videos for the teleconsultation platform that can be found here 

Benard Mokaya Worked on METS feedback requirements. 

Kiprono Nicholas Worked on HI-TRAIN Newsletter, draft Xmas messages for social media, run and updated posts on mUzima social media accounts (TwitterFacebookLinkedIn)

Simon Savai Concluded new release & uploaded Omod to test servers. Support for FGH index testing implementation.

Glorius Vuyanzi worked on icons for the different implementations as can be viewed here.

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