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Kiprono Nicholas

Taib Ali

Glorius Vuyanzi

Samuel Mbugua


  • Dev updates
  • FGH case manager query discussion
  • mUzimaCore UI/UX design - next steps
  • AOB

Discussion items

10 minDev UpdatesAll

Kiprono Nicholas Made the final edits on the HELINA video, worked on a social media post and blog for HI-TRAIN website

Taib Ali Familiarize  myself with tickets under FGH-34, documented meeting notes for 08-10-2020 FGH Index Testing Demo and Training Meeting notes, started documentation for FGH Index Testing and assisted in reviewing setup config wizard on Figma.

Benard Mokaya Migrated mUzima android to androidX then migrated from fabric crashlystics SDK to firebase crashlystics SDK, did UI/UX prototype review, tried to troubleshoot the Jira (tickets) and market place communication breakdown

Simon Savai Fixed index case testing feedback (FGH-27 - FGH-30), Generated test APK & created installation instructions for FGH team testing. Working on FGH data analysis. 

Glorius Vuyanzi worked on mUzima's UI/UX prototype. And made changes to some screens as had been suggested by the team.


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