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  • Dev Updates
  • COVID-19 Application release and dissemination
  • Website status update
  • JIRA email notifications 
  • AOB

Discussion items

  • Dev Updates
  • Benard Mokaya  worked on the release process of the apk and omod, resolved bug fixes raised during the testing phase. Worked on resolving the website issue after being suspended and trying to figure out on how to optimize it.
  • Samuel Owino Omondi Worked on MUZIMA-589 (muzima-core automated test execution errors on CI due to reporting-api) and MUZIMA-697 (Support for the proper message for no clients available on device during search). Currently working on MUZIMA-596 (Fix errors that occur when the device language is changed)
  • Taib Ali tested tickets  MUZIMA 854, MUZIMA 850, MUZIMA 841,MUZIMA 839,MUZIMA 858, MUZIMA 855 and MUZIMA 835. 
  • Glorius Vuyanzi Finished working on the graphics for mUzima website and updated on the tickets. I am currently working on graphics and content for the Hitrain website.
  • Simon Savai Working with Benard to look into mUzima website issues, met Taib & Fatma to review and provide further details on ticket testing
  • Wasula Benjamin Finished working on the Peer Naija UI Designs. Currently working on designing the logo

  • COVID-19 Application release and dissemination
Ada Yeung
  • Complete items:
    • APK 2.6.0 alpha testing will end tomorrow (June 17) and then will start beta testing.
    • Wiki is ready
    • Twitter is ready
    • YouTube is ready.
    • COVID-19 Forms are ready.
  • Pending items:
    • mUzima Website
    • APK 2.6.0 official production release

  • Website Status
  • Issues so far:
    • sometimes it's HTTP not HTTPS
    • sometimes it re-directs to random websites when clicking sub pages
    • some images don't get displayed correctly (COVID-19 slider and COVID-19 panel on main page)
  • Martin Were suggests all the changes should not be published until they are being approved.  Need a mechanism/SOP for this.

  • JIRA email notifications
  • JIRA email notification has stopped (More especially for project MM)

  • mUzima Priorities

Action items