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  • Action Item Update
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  • Demo of Muzima FHIR App
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Discussion items

5minAction Item update
10minSprint 2020-01-21 updatesSamuel Mbugua

Team completed 

FHIR-22 - Setting up the frameworks and project DONE

Team are working on 

FHIR-23 - Create a rough sketch for the overall application structure IN PROGRESS

FHIR-24 - Create some basic user interfaces for testing IN PROGRESS

FHIR-25 - Write implementation code for FHIR module IN PROGRESS

FHIR-26 - Integration testing and optimizations  IN PROGRESS

10minmUzima FHIR Demo

A demo of the app was done. They are able to retrieve FHIR resources from the server and create FHIR resources (hardcoded) to the server by utilising GraphQL for android

Action items