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  • eHTS Overview

  • Action Item Update
  • Sprint Update
  • Action Items

Discussion items

60 min

Ada Yeung

Patrick Wangoo

  • Recording is available
  • Providers use mUzima app in remote area and capture the following:
    • Registration Form (demographic)
    • Screening Form
    • Contact Form
    • Linkage Form
  • KenyaEMR eHTS
    • Using the same apk but different mUzima Core Module
    • Modified registration includes observations
10 minPrevious Week Action Item Updates
  • Students (Kolbein Toreson Foldøy Martin Heitmann  Jonas Backer )continue to work on the Android App
    • Able to get one patient from the server
    • Query - sending resources to resource server, not sure if it's needed or it should be sent directly to the mobile application?
    • Working on foundation for small demo - general architecture; will put on hold until we have a clear use case to move forward.
      • The demo app will consume the resources that team has been working on (e.g. observations, providers, locations, etc.)
  • Suresh Kumar Mukhiya to research on OpenMRS Authentication API
  • Samuel Mbugua  to research on minimum UIs for authentication server.
    • We don't think we need an UI for the credentials as we will use what OpenMRS is using.  
    • In terms of how to move the same credentials to move from EMR to authentication server, it doesn't look like OpenMRS supports that.  We should have a clear idea early next week after hearing feedback from Suresh.
10 min

Team are working on 

FHIR-24 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5 min
  • AOB
  • None

Action items