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  • Action Items from Previous Week
  • Sprint
  • Communication & Access

Discussion items

10 minAction Items from Previous Week
  • Simon Savai preparing Auditing/Logging information
    • Logs need to be FHIR compliant
    • Will share with the team on the structure of current logs next week
  • Samuel Mbugua to provide Signal Messaging information by November 15, 2019
30 minSprint 
  • Daily Scrum (5pm EAT/3pm CET Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday went well and will reduce to 5pm EAT Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • FHIR Sprint 2019-11-07 completed
    • FHIR-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • FHIR Sprint 2019-11-12 is on going
    • Create resources in Linode
    • Pull requests are being sent to Suresh for review.
    • Currently, it's under Suresh's private repository.  Need to talk to Suresh to get access.
  • Sprint 3 Preparation
    • Not much info now but will prepare ahead and request help as the team gets more familiar
5 minCommunication & Access
  • Daily Scrum - 5pm EAT/3pm CET Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Weekly Call - 5pm EAT/3pm CET Thursday
5 minDocumentation

Action items