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  • Feedback on FGH index testing.
  • Discussion on raised issues.

Discussion items

5:00 Pm- 6:00pm (EAT)Agenda ItemName
  • Notes for this Agenda

Translation of mUzima pages from English to Portuguese Ada Yeung
  • Demonstrated how to change translation from English to Portuguese
  • Requested the FGH team to assist in identifying words that need translation.

Reduce the contact list of the index case to "Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Partner without showing other options.Ada Yeung
  • The available sample list is for testing
  • The official list has been approved by CDC
  • Hamilton will update the approved list and share a copy of the same so as to be updated on the test server.

Review the page “SUMMARY SHEET / FAMILY SITUATION / update the contacts (We were unable to save a new index case, due to the difficulty of updating the contacts) we suggest that there is no need to look for the index case contact in the list. The lay counselor must edit this information according to what is in the master sheet and family screening form.

Simon Savai

Ada Yeung

  • The workflow is such that a new contact can easily be created if the contact is not available when searching on device and server.
  • The Create Person button to open the form for person creation is displayed when the search person checkbox is checked (The keyboard sort of covers the create person button when typing on the edit text field)
  • The current workflow works by searching for the person then select from the list and not typing on the text field and leave it at that.
  • If the contact does not exist the list should disappear.
  • A text for do you want to search from the server should appear.
  • At the moment, if the contact matches partially the list is displayed.
  • This can affect saving the form.
  • mUzima team to revise the workflow and error message issue.

Unnecessary search of index case contacts in the database (we suggest to allow to pass the flow without searching the database for the names of contacts, partners and children)

FGH team
  • This item is the same as above.

 Improve the visualization of the contacts of all the index cases in the list (Children and sexual partners)

FGH team
  • This item is no longer an issue.

Open a field for the Counselor to freely write other information about patient's address (for example: neighborhood secretary name, color of the house, the best known and closest neighbor, etc.)

Ada Yeung
  • This is a good suggestion
  • OpenMRS has a field for landmark.
  • mUzima team will check with Eurico on which address field FGH uses for the landmark.

Action items

  • Revision of the contact person search  (mUzima team).
  • Revision of the identified issues (mUzima team)
  • Check with Eurico for address field for the landmark (Ada Yeung)
  • Include concepts for asking most recent testing location and most recent testing date (mUzima team)
  • FGH team to assist in identifying words that need translation.
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