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  • FGH index testing demo and training

Discussion items

3:00 pm- 4:15 pm (CAT)Agenda ItemName
  • Notes for this Agenda

Login to mUzima App

Ada Yeung

Translation to Portuguese done by 

  • How to Login to mUzima
  • Accessing HIV index case client summary (Obs, Encounters and Forms) and relationship icon.

  • How to use the relationship feature (Relationship Icon)
  • Step 1: Existing relationships to related index case
  • Step 2: Adding a relationship to the index client
  • Work flow for searching against the device and the OpenMRS server if the person exists you add the relationship.
  • Using the Person Registration Form to create a person if the related person does not exist in the device and the OpenMRS server.
  • Change of work flow for family HIV situation with respect to the HIV master card.
  • Saving the Person Registration Form and completing the work flow for the new person relationship on the relationship activity

Using the HIV Index Case Demographic Update Form 

Questions and Clarifications

  • Clarification for the HIV Index Case Demographic Update Form 

  • Is the consent form filled during or after the test?
  • Does the index person consent for the relationships?

  • What is the work flow for a new index case patient who does not have existing record in the system with respect to answering the index case questions?

  • Demo for mUzima Workflow for when the index patient does not have existing EPTS record.

  • Proposal to the FGH team to test the App using using dummy data  (This is not a final testing)

  • Using the various section on the form.
  • Updating the index patient demographics such as Name, Address and Gender
  • Work flow for the family tree form
  • Work flow for the family situation on the master card.
  • Updating information on the family tree situation for the related persons
  • synchronization of the form under the Complete Form Data tab

  • Question on consent for testing one relationship at health facility and another relationship testing in the community how that can be done with respect to the form
  • The Form in mUzima mirrors the various options enumerated by checkboxes on the family tree paper form. That is where do you want to test all the members ? With the answers, Health facility, Community or Refuse. 

  • Can be done before or after.
  • In essences, mUzima is replicating what happens in the paper form. that is, the index case person gives consent  for where the relationships will be tested which could be community or facility.

Scenario I

  • New patient is registered on the master card, the master card is sent to the data curator and the data is updated in the system.
  • The testing could be done on the same day but for the relationships more often than not its done on another day.

Scenario II

  • The index patient decides to bring family members on the material day.
  • Data for the newly created index patient may not already updated on the same day in the ETPS system
  • mUzima may not be able to pull this data. 
  • In such a scenario, if the information on the index patient is yet to be updated, the FGH team uses the  family situation screen and the master card to test the family and update the family situation screen and the master card as well as the ETPS.
  • The situation rarely happens.

  • If the index patient wants family members to be created now.
  • The functionality is accessed through the client activity using a search floating action bar at the   bottom right corner of the activity.
  • An edit text field is used to search the patient.
  • The patient can also be searched against the server.
  • A register button is used to register the index client.
  • The Register Client button will open a patient registration form
  • Mandatory fields should be filed.
  • The contact person section on the patient registration form allows searching of the person against the server as well as opening of another form within the form to create the contact person.
  • If the testing is done on the same day, you can input the information and save.
  • This will create a new index case patient and setup the relationship.

  • The FGH team will help with testing the App and give feedback tentatively in a week.

Action items

  • mUzima Team (Simon and Taib) to create user accounts and will share the credentials with Euclides, Belmiro and Felix. 
  • mUzima Team (Ada) to create relationship type Parceiro in mUzima test server. (Done)
  • mUzima Team (Simon and Taib) to share apk, URL, and set up/log in instructions. 
  • mUzima Team (Ada) to share today's recording.  (Done)
  • HTC Team (Euclides, Belmiro, and Felix) to do testing (workflows when 1- index case patient has existing record in EPTS and 2 - index case patient doesn't have existing record in ETPS) and share initial finding/questions/feedback by next Tuesday (October 13) via email so mUzima Team can address majority of the questions the same day.
  • HTC Team (Euclides, Belmiro, and Felix) will do another round of testing based on clarifications from mUzima Team and will bring questions on the follow up call on next Thursday (October 15). 
  • The follow-up call is on next Thursday (October 15) 3pm CAT via zoom
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